Hospital General Manager

Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital

Mai 2018

Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital (AESH)

Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital is a new state-of-the-art facility in Ottawa. The staff, composed 18 highly dedicated veterinarians and a total of 45 employees, are proud to provide its clients with 24-hour emergency and specialty services where they feel “at home,” as if they are at their own clinic. AES aspires to be a premiere emergency and referral centre, wholly owned by veterinarians; a model of excellence, innovation, and beyond. Its qualified emergency team, internal medicine, dermatology, dentistry and surgery specialists strive to provide the best possible care in a relationship-centred, collegial environment. As the demand for emergency and specialty care continues to grow in the Ottawa and surrounding areas, we are seeking a General Manager who shares their collective values.

The position

The Hospital General Manager will work with administrators to plan and coordinate the 24-hour health-care services of the hospital. This individual will supervise all areas of the hospital management team already in place, as well as veterinarians, veterinary technicians and vet assistants, medical records and more. They are expected to create reports to analyze the effectiveness of the various departments and to work to reach financial goals and maintain budgets. Their objective is to improve the efficiency of care, keep up-to-date on new laws, represent the facility at governing boards and organize the records of facility services.

The Hospital general Manager will need to understand hospital economics, labour relations, and human resources, and to have proven management skills. It is critical for this individual to have strong relational, verbal and written communications skills to deal with staff in a demanding environment. The Hospital General Manager must also be able to work well with a variety of professionals, from doctors and technicians to the director of professional services and other executives. Problem-solving and technical skills will be vital to finding creative solutions for staffing and administrative problems and to follow advancements in technology.

Specific Responsibility


  • Track, analyze and report financial statements, data, and operational metrics
  • Oversee financial reports relating to accounts payable, accounts receivable,
    expenses, and department budgets
  • Perform cost analysis relating to hospital inventory, staffing, and other
  • Identify and forecast internal and external trends
  • Project hospital growth, and with the Board of Directors create, implement and maintain budgets
  • Advise and support the Board of Directors on policies and procedures based on applicable financial forecasts and reports
  • Develop and support short-term and long-term business plans
  • Execute financial plans to maximize efficiency and minimize financial risk
  • Prepare all business accounting reports and transactions
  • Ensure proper reporting techniques and methods are being followed through
    tracking transactional performance and internal financial audits
  • Review service-fee schedule and make recommendations through
    comparison of industry standards
  • Manage employee compensation including payroll, bonuses, and benefits
  • In conjunction with the Board of Directors, create and monitor incentive
  • Research, evaluate and advise the Board of Directors on key investments and
    equipment acquisition

Human Resources

  • Effectively communicate and implement company values and strategies to staff
  • Create, execute, revise, and maintain hospital policies and procedures
  • Act as a liaison between staff and the Board of Directors
  • Support and motivate staff by utilizing a leadership style that promotes quality work and an inclusive work environment
  • Maintain a positive and relatable relationship with staff
  • Attend staff and management team meetings
  • Direct the Board of Directors towards changes required to daily operations
  • Oversee the performance, quality and delivery of each unit’s services
  • Review departmental operations and seek to increase efficiency and work
  • Oversee and plan staffing needs, recruitments and selection as well as
    integration of new staff with the appropriate team leaders
  • Mediate personnel issues and implement performance management plans for the management team
  • Manage and direct disciplinary procedures including employment termination
  • Oversee employee development and continuing education opportunities


  • Assist with public relations and marketing promotions and manage the general marketing of the brand and services delivered
  • Ensure hospital policies and procedures encompass all legal labour and safety requirements

Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Minimum university degree in business, finance or related program. MBA degree preferred
  • Minimum 5 years experience as a general manager in a veterinary hospital or an equivalent industry
  • Strong computer skills. Familiarity with Microsoft Office, accounting software, and practice-management software preferred. Ability to correspond professionally through E-mail and other media sources is a necessity
  • Demonstrated leadership style that fosters a positive and comfortable work environment
  • Experience managing the finance, human resources, and daily operational responsibilities of a business with 45+ staff members
  • Proven work experience with financial tracking, reporting, and analyzing
  • Strong analytical and data-gathering skills
  • Ability to forecast and support company growth and implement methods to
    increase productivity
  • Experience interpreting financial data and industry trends with regards to recommending operational changes
  • Exceptional time-management skills with the ability to delegate tasks and supervise to ensure results
  • Ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining a positive work environment
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Experience working with
    several units to maintain open communication and cohesion
  • Aptitude to make unbiased judgements and decisions in the best interest of
    the hospital
  • Bilingualism an asset

Strong skills in: Management, communication, problem-solving, and technical skills

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