Executive Search: More of an Art than a Science

Our added value lies in our strategic expertise and the hands-on approach taken by our entire team as we guide our clients through the executive search process. Today, more than ever, finding the right person for the job requires agility and a highly personalized approach, which is what Décarie delivers time and time again.

We deliberately choose to work on a limited number of projects at a time, so that we can engage with our clients and candidates in a meaningful, responsive way and meet the needs of the highly competitive talent market.

It’s no longer about matching up people with a static job description. It’s about finding the right person for an organization’s culture and the challenges that lie ahead.

Senior-Level Managers

Our firm has extensive expertise in executive search services at the very top level. Our professionals have worked with prominent international headhunting firms and have a solid track record of recruiting for upper management positions in the Montreal area, across Quebec and around the world. In some cases, they themselves have worked in the higher corporate echelons and developed an in-depth understanding of the issues and responsibilities that come with the role.

Mid-Level Managers

In keeping with our commitment to forging strong, lasting partnerships with the organizations we serve, we decided to offer our clients recruiting services for their intermediate-level managers. As leadership becomes more democratic and participatory in today’s organizations, mid-level executives are playing an increasingly critical role in the successful implementation of key business strategies. With the talent shortage growing more acute by the day, middle manager recruiting is essential to long-term viability.

We pledge to give you everything you’d expect from an independently owned and operated boutique firm: a personal touch, unparalleled creativity, and a customized approach adapted to every client and every search.

Board Members

Backed by comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of governance practices for private and public sector organizations and non-profits, our professionals are often called upon to lend a hand in recruiting qualified board appointees.

Talent Management

Clients come to Décarie for expert assistance in each of the stages of the recruiting process. But we give them much more: we let them tap into our strategic insight when it comes to managing the human resources who are the backbone of their organization.

Striking the right balance between developing your existing talent and looking outward to bring in new blood is paramount at a time when business strategies must be sufficiently nimble to adapt to a constantly evolving landscape. We know that businesses put a lot of energy into talent management processes and that this can sometimes be a roadblock to the overhaul in organizational culture required to accommodate these changing needs. This is where we work directly with management to put forward creative customized solutions to deliver the results our clients are looking for.

We leverage our depth of experience in talent management to clarify these issues so we can help make sure your people – the beating heart of your organization – are in step with your strategic aims and objectives.

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